A Guide to Feeding Chickens for Great Tasting Eggs


Chickens are wonderful creatures that provide us with a variety of benefits, one of the most cherished being delicious eggs. Not only is the taste of an egg influenced by the breed and living conditions of the chicken, but their diet also plays a significant role. To ensure your chickens produce great-tasting eggs, it’s important to pay attention to their nutrition.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to feed chickens to enhance the flavor and quality of their eggs.

1. High Protein Layer Feed

A high-protein layer feed is a fundamental component in enhancing egg quality. Opt for specially formulated layer feeds that provide the necessary nutrients to support egg production. These feeds are rich in protein and contain essential vitamins and minerals needed for strong eggshells and healthy, flavorful yolks.

2. Calendula for Golden Yolks

Calendula, a beautiful flowering plant, can enhance the color of the egg yolk, giving it a rich, golden hue. Adding calendula petals to your chickens’ diet not only improves the appearance of the yolks but also contributes to their overall nutritional intake.

3. Oyster Shells for Calcium

Calcium is vital for the formation of strong eggshells. Oyster shells are an excellent source of calcium for chickens. Providing oyster shells as a supplement allows hens to consume the calcium they need to produce eggs with sturdy shells.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar for Intestinal Health

Including apple cider vinegar in your chickens’ diet can promote good intestinal health. It helps in maintaining a balanced digestive system, potentially leading to healthier hens and improved egg quality.

5. Garlic & Oregano for Immune Support

Garlic and oregano are known for their immune-boosting properties. Adding small amounts of garlic and oregano to your chickens’ diet can support their immune systems, potentially resulting in eggs that are not only tasty but also from healthier hens.

6. Lemon Balm for Overall Health

Lemon balm is an herb known for its calming and soothing properties. Including lemon balm in your chickens’ diet can contribute to their overall well-being. Healthy and content chickens are likely to produce eggs of superior quality.

Tips for Implementing a Balanced Diet:

  • Consult a Poultry Nutritionist: Seeking advice from a poultry nutritionist can help formulate a balanced diet tailored to your chickens’ needs, considering factors such as age, breed, and health status.
  • Fresh and Clean Water: Alongside a nutritious diet, always ensure your chickens have access to clean and fresh water. Proper hydration is essential for their overall health and egg production.
  • Free-Range and Foraging: If possible, allow your chickens to free-range or forage in a controlled environment. Natural foraging provides them with additional nutrients and contributes to the flavor and nutrition of the eggs.
  • Monitor Health and Behavior: Regularly monitor your chickens’ health and behavior to detect any signs of illness or nutritional deficiencies. A healthy chicken is more likely to produce better-tasting eggs.

In conclusion, a well-rounded and nutritious diet is key to producing great-tasting eggs. By providing high-protein layer feed, supplements like oyster shells and herbs, and ensuring a healthy and balanced diet, you can savor the joy of farm-fresh, delicious eggs from your beloved chickens.

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