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Choosing the right name for your beloved feline companion can be both exciting and challenging. A name should reflect your cat’s personality, characteristics, or even pay homage to something you love. If you’re seeking a little inspiration, why not consider famous cat names?

From movies to literature to historical figures, there are a plethora of renowned feline monikers to choose from. Here’s an A to Z list of famous cat names to help you find the purrfect name for your new fur baby.

A – Azrael
– Azrael is Gargamel’s cat in the popular cartoon series, “The Smurfs.” This sly and mischievous feline could be a fitting name for a playful and cunning kitty.

B – Bagheera
– Bagheera is the wise black panther from Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book.” This name suits a sleek and mysterious black cat.

C – Cheshire
– Cheshire Cat is a well-known character from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” If your cat has a penchant for disappearing acts or has a mischievous grin, this name is a great choice.

D – Duchess
– The sophisticated and elegant cat from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” the Duchess is a perfect name for a regal and refined feline.

E – Felix
– Felix the Cat is one of the most iconic cartoon cats, a classic character in silent film and comics. This name is ideal for a playful and adventurous kitty.

F – Figaro
– Figaro is a cute and endearing cat, famously known as Geppetto’s pet in Disney’s “Pinocchio.” If your cat is sweet and loyal, Figaro is a charming name.

G – Garfield
– Garfield, the lasagna-loving, sarcastic cat from Jim Davis’s comic strip, is a beloved feline character. If your cat enjoys food and has a laid-back attitude, Garfield is a great choice.

H – Hello Kitty
– Hello Kitty is a globally recognized character with a simple and adorable design. This name is perfect for a sweet and friendly cat, especially if they have a cute and playful demeanor.

I – Isis
– In ancient Egyptian mythology, Isis was a revered goddess often depicted with a lioness head. This name is fitting for a majestic and noble cat.

J – Jiji
– Jiji is the loyal and talkative black cat from Hayao Miyazaki’s animated film, “Kiki’s Delivery Service.” This name is ideal for a chatty and affectionate feline.

K – Katniss
– Katniss Everdeen is the courageous and resourceful protagonist from “The Hunger Games” series by Suzanne Collins. This name is suitable for a brave and adventurous female cat.

L – Luna
– Luna Lovegood’s magical and ethereal cat from the Harry Potter series is a beautiful and mystical name for a cat, especially one with enchanting eyes.

M – Mufasa
– Mufasa is the wise and regal lion from Disney’s “The Lion King.” This name is perfect for a majestic and dignified cat.

N – Nala
– Nala is another beloved character from Disney’s “The Lion King,” known for her courage and loyalty. This name is ideal for a strong and loving female cat.

O – Oliver
– Oliver is the charming orange tabby from the movie “Oliver & Company.” If you have an adorable and affectionate orange cat, Oliver is a wonderful choice.

P – Puss in Boots
– Puss in Boots is a swashbuckling and charismatic cat from various fairy tales and the Shrek movies. This name is great for a playful and adventurous cat.

Q – Quaxo
– Quaxo, also known as Mr. Mistoffelees, is a magical and mysterious cat from the musical “Cats” by Andrew Lloyd Webber. This name is fitting for a cat with a touch of magic.

R – Romeo
– Romeo is a classic name often associated with a charming and affectionate male cat. If your cat is a sweetheart, Romeo is a suitable choice.

S – Simba
– Simba, the lion cub who becomes king in Disney’s “The Lion King,” is a strong and brave character. This name is great for a courageous and resilient cat.

T – Tigger
– Tigger is the bouncy and energetic tiger from A.A. Milne’s “Winnie the Pooh.” This name is perfect for an enthusiastic and playful cat.

U – Ulysses
– Ulysses is the name of the cat in Kate DiCamillo’s book “Flora & Ulysses.” If your cat has a heroic and adventurous spirit, this name is a great choice.

V – Venus
– Venus is the Roman goddess of love and beauty, often associated with grace and elegance. This name suits a graceful and beautiful feline.

W – Whiskers
– Whiskers is a playful and descriptive name for a cat known for their prominent and expressive whiskers.

X – Xerxes
– Xerxes was a Persian king known for his majestic reign. This name is perfect for a regal and dignified cat.

Y – Yzma
– Yzma is the eccentric and villainous character from Disney’s “The Emperor’s New Groove.” This name is fitting for a quirky and playful cat.

Z – Zorro
– Zorro, the swashbuckling hero, is a perfect name for a brave and adventurous cat, especially one with a mask-like pattern on its face.

In conclusion, naming your cat can be a fun and creative process. Whether you choose a name based on a famous character or opt for something entirely unique, what matters most is that the name resonates with both you and your feline friend. Happy naming!

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