Body Language Horses Petshyme

14 Important Body Language Cues in Horses

Horses, with their majestic presence and remarkable non-verbal communication, have a rich array of body language cues that convey their feelings and intentions. Understanding these cues is crucial for anyone interacting with horses,…

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Horse Breeds Petshyme

4 Best Horse Breeds for Beginners

Choosing the right horse breed is a significant decision, especially for beginners venturing into the equestrian world. The ideal horse breed for a beginner is one that combines a gentle temperament, versatility, and…

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Horse Foods Petshyme

What Horses Cannot Eat and Should Extra Avoid: A Guide to Equine Nutrition

Proper nutrition is essential for the health and well-being of horses. Horses are herbivores, primarily consuming a diet of hay, grass, grains, and other plant-based foods. However, not all vegetation is suitable for…

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Horse Health Tips Summer Petshyme

10 Essential Tips to Ensure Your Horse’s Health During Summer

Summer can be a challenging season for horses, with the soaring temperatures and increased exposure to the sun potentially posing health risks. As a responsible horse owner, it’s crucial to take proactive measures…

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Average Weights of Common Horse Breeds Petshyme

Understanding the Average Weights of Common Horse Breeds

Horses, majestic creatures known for their strength, beauty, and grace, come in various breeds, each with its distinct characteristics. One important aspect of understanding and caring for horses is knowing their average weights….

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Horse Diet Petshyme

A Nutritious Diet for Horses (Vegetables and Fruits)

Proper nutrition is fundamental to the health and well-being of horses. Horses are herbivores with a digestive system designed to efficiently process plant-based foods. A balanced diet that includes a variety of vegetables…

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Horse Breeds Petshyme

14 Most Fascinating Horse Breeds From Different Regions

Horses have been a steadfast companion of humans for thousands of years, and they have evolved into a multitude of breeds, each with its unique qualities and characteristics. From the spirited Arabian to…

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Basic Handling Horse Petshyme

Basic Handling and Safety of Horse

Horsemanship is the art of riding and handling a horse. Equitation is a refinement of riding techniques. The mark of a skilled rider is the ability to get desired results with the least…

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Horse care petshyme

The Complete Guide to Horse Care

Horse ownership is a big responsibility but the rewards can be many. Horses require both time and money for proper upkeep. This pamphlet is designed to help new or inexperienced horse owners understand…

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approaching grooming horse petshyme

Approaching, Handling, Leading and Tying the Horse

Owning your first riding horse or pony is very exciting. However, looking after your new mount properly requires lifestyle changes and a considerable amount of time commitment and energy. Horses and ponies must…

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