39 Healthy Kong Stuffing Ideas to Delight Your Pup

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Kong toys are a beloved choice for dog owners seeking to keep their furry friends entertained and mentally stimulated. Stuffing a Kong with a variety of healthy treats not only engages your dog but also offers a delightful way to provide them with essential nutrients.

Here are 39 healthy treats you can stuff in a Kong to keep your pup engaged and satisfied.

1. Apple Slices
Apples are a crunchy and nutritious treat for dogs. Remove the seeds and core, then slice them to fit inside the Kong.

2. Apple Sauce
Unsweetened applesauce can be a tasty and easily manageable option to stuff in a Kong for your pup.

3. Asparagus
Steamed asparagus is a low-calorie vegetable that can add a healthy crunch to your dog’s treat.

4. Bananas
Bananas are a good source of vitamins and potassium. Mash them up and stuff them inside the Kong.

5. Blackberries
Blackberries are packed with antioxidants and can be a tasty surprise inside your dog’s Kong.

6. Blueberries
Blueberries are a great treat for dogs, providing a burst of flavor and essential nutrients.

7. Broccoli
Steamed or boiled broccoli can be cut into small pieces and used to stuff your pup’s Kong.

8. Brussels Sprouts
Steamed Brussels sprouts can make a unique and healthy Kong stuffing.

9. Cantaloupe
Cantaloupe is a refreshing fruit that can be a delightful treat for your furry friend.

10. Carrots
Raw or cooked carrots can be cut into appropriate sizes to stuff inside the Kong, offering a satisfying crunch.

11. Cauliflower
Steamed cauliflower florets can be a nutritious addition to your dog’s Kong.

12. Celery
Fresh celery sticks are low in calories and can be a healthy and enjoyable stuffing.

13. Cheese
A small amount of cheese can be a delightful and high-value treat for your pup.

14. Cottage Cheese
Cottage cheese is a protein-rich option that can be used to stuff a Kong.

15. Cucumber
Cucumber slices can be a hydrating and low-calorie treat to stuff inside the Kong.

16. Eggs
Scrambled eggs or hard-boiled eggs can be a protein-packed surprise for your dog.

17. Flax Seeds
Sprinkle a few flax seeds inside the Kong to provide some essential fatty acids.

18. Green Beans
Steamed green beans can be chopped into small pieces and used to stuff the Kong.

19. Kale
Kale leaves, after being steamed or boiled, can be a nutritious stuffing option.

20. Oatmeal
Cooked oatmeal, when cooled, can be used to fill the Kong for a wholesome treat.

21. Oranges
Remove any seeds and offer small pieces of oranges as a flavorful stuffing option.

22. Peanut Butter
Peanut butter is a classic Kong stuffing option loved by dogs. Ensure it’s xylitol-free.

23. Peas
Steamed peas can be a nutritious and tasty treat to stuff in your pup’s Kong.

24. Pineapple
Fresh pineapple chunks can be a sweet and juicy surprise for your dog.

25. Pumpkin
Plain, canned pumpkin (not pie filling) is a wonderful choice to stuff in a Kong.

26. Rice (Cooked)
Cooked rice can be mixed with other ingredients and used as a stuffing option.

27. Salmon
Cooked salmon, with no seasoning or spices, can be a flavorful Kong filling.

28. Spinach
Steamed spinach can be chopped and stuffed inside the Kong for a healthy treat.

29. Squash
Steamed squash, like zucchini or butternut squash, can be a nutritious option.

30. Steak
Cooked and diced steak (plain, without seasoning) can be a high-value stuffing.

31. Strawberries
Fresh strawberries, with the stems removed, can be a sweet and healthy Kong filler.

32. Sugar Snap Peas
These peas can be lightly steamed and added as a crunchy stuffing option.

33. Sweet Potato
Cooked sweet potato can be mashed and used as a satisfying Kong filler.

34. Watermelon (Seedless)
Seedless watermelon chunks can be a hydrating and tasty addition to the Kong.

35. Yogurt
Plain yogurt, without any artificial sweeteners, can be a creamy Kong filler.

36. Zucchini
Steamed zucchini can be cut into small pieces and used as a healthy stuffing option.

37. Turkey
Cooked and shredded turkey can be a lean and protein-rich Kong stuffing.

38. Brown Rice
Cooked brown rice can be mixed with other ingredients and used as a filling.

39. Pumpkin Puree
Pureed pumpkin, without any additives, can be a delicious and healthy stuffing for your dog’s Kong.

Always remember to consider your dog’s dietary needs and preferences when selecting Kong stuffing. It’s essential to monitor your dog while they enjoy these treats to ensure they are safe and enjoying the experience. With these healthy stuffing ideas, you can keep your pup entertained and nourished, promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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