22 Popular Types of Koi Fish

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Koi fish, scientifically known as Cyprinus rubrofuscus, are a beloved and admired species of ornamental fish renowned for their vibrant colors and unique patterns. Originating in Japan, these beautiful fish have been selectively bred for centuries, resulting in a wide array of distinct varieties.

Each type, often referred to as a “variety” or “breed,” showcases its own set of characteristics, colors, and markings, captivating enthusiasts and adding beauty to ponds and water gardens.

In this article, we’ll explore into some of the popular types of koi fish.

1. Asagi

Asagi is one of the classic varieties of koi fish. It is easily recognized by its light blue to grayish-blue color on the top half of the body, resembling the scales of a pinecone. The lower half is typically a reddish-orange or copper color.

2. Bekko

Bekko koi exhibit a simple yet elegant pattern. They have a solid base color, either red (Aka Bekko), white (Shiro Bekko), or yellow (Ki Bekko), with distinct black markings that resemble a turtle shell.

3. Doitsu

Doitsu koi are recognized by their scaleless bodies and two lines of large, mirror-like scales along their dorsal area and lateral line. This variety can be found in various colors and patterns, making them unique and attractive.

4. Sumi Goromo

Sumi Goromo koi have a captivating pattern with vibrant base colors such as red, white, or yellow adorned by a network of deep, lacquer-black scales, creating a beautiful contrast.

5. Kawarimono

Kawarimono is a diverse group of koi that do not fit into the traditional categories. These fish can have unique and varied patterns, colors, and scale types, making them distinct and unpredictable.

6. Showa

Showa koi have a striking and dramatic appearance with a black body accented by white and red markings. The three colors are ideally balanced, creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing fish.

7. Taisho Sanke

Taisho Sanke, often referred to as “Sanke,” is a tricolor koi characterized by its white base color with red and black markings. The three colors should ideally be well-balanced and form a pleasing pattern.

8. Goromo

Goromo koi have a unique pattern where the scales have a reticulated, net-like appearance over the base color, which is usually white, red, or yellow.

9. Kohaku

Kohaku is a classic and popular variety with a simple but captivating pattern featuring a white body with red markings. The quality and intensity of the colors are essential factors in judging the beauty of a Kohaku.

10. Budo Goromo

Budo Goromo koi are similar to Goromo but have an additional purple or grape-like color on top of the base colors and reticulated scales.

11. AI Goromo

AI Goromo koi have the characteristic reticulated net pattern of scales seen in Goromo, with an additional layer of blue or gray coloration.

12. Kikokuryu

Kikokuryu is a metallic koi variety with a black coloration resembling that of a traditional Kumonryu koi. However, unlike Kumonryu, Kikokuryu retains its color throughout the year.

13. Yamatonishiki

Yamatonishiki is a metallic koi with a base color of white or red and distinctive black markings. The black pattern can resemble a net-like or scale-like appearance.

14. Soragoi

Soragoi is a single-colored koi variety, usually in a solid blue-gray color. They are known for their tranquil and subdued appearance.

Soragoi Koi Fish Petshyme

15. Shusui

Shusui koi are characterized by their scales, which are reminiscent of the Asagi variety, and a line of blue or gray scales along the dorsal area.

16. Matsuba

Matsuba koi have a pinecone-like pattern of single, large scales that stand out prominently against a base color of white, red, or yellow.

17. Utsurimono

Utsurimono koi have a black base with red (Hi Utsuri), white (Shiro Utsuri), or yellow (Ki Utsuri) markings. The contrast between the base color and the markings is essential in judging the quality of this variety.

18. Ginrin

Ginrin koi have reflective, metallic scales that add a glittering effect to their appearance. They can belong to various other varieties, showcasing a blend of metallic luster and unique patterns.

19. Hikarimoyo

Hikarimoyo koi are a group of koi that possess a combination of metallic and non-metallic colors. They are known for their vibrant and flashy appearance.

20. Goshiki

Goshiki koi display a captivating pattern featuring a combination of red, white, black, and blue colors. The word “Goshiki” translates to “five colors,” representing the multiple hues present in this variety.

Goshiki Koi Fish Petshyme

21. Tancho

Tancho koi are characterized by a single, round, and well-defined red marking on the head, resembling the Japanese flag, where the red dot on a white background symbolizes the sun.

22. Kujaku

Kujaku koi are known for their metallic scales and a pattern resembling the feathers of a peacock. The base color is usually white, and the metallic scales create a striking contrast.

In conclusion, the world of koi fish is a realm of incredible diversity, showcasing an extensive range of colors, patterns, and scale types. Enthusiasts and hobbyists find joy in appreciating and caring for these unique varieties, each bringing its own beauty to ponds and water gardens. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of Asagi, the simplicity of Bekko, or the vibrancy of Kohaku, there’s a koi variety to suit every taste and preference.

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